Reporting to the State

It is imperative that as many people as possible report the things that are going on in our Borough to the appropriate authorities. Too many things are going on here that are unethical and in some cases outright illegal. Take last night’s meeting, for example. For the first time in any of the meetings that we’ve been to, instead of rows of folding chairs for the public, they had setup tables as if for a party or reception, complete with reserved tables. A handful of tables in the back were left open for whoever to sit there, but with the door locked, and the new Mayor seemingly in charge of letting people in (who, might I add, looked right at my wife when she tried to open the door, and refused to open the door for us, but his family was allowed in as they got there), there was very little seating available for residents. They take this insult further by refusing to turn the microphones up loud enough for anyone to hear them, in spite of several public complaints about not being able to hear anything, so that they could accommodate video recordings being made on behalf of Mayor Chukwueke. The real icing on the cake, though, is when resident Jeff Goodwin half-turned to make sure that his voice was carrying to the residents desperately straining to hear, he was ordered by the solicitor to address the Mayor and Council, but there was nothing said when Levar Edwards stood in front of the room verbally assaulting members of the public that had been voicing concerns, and he proceeded to call everyone “nasty”.

I, personally, filed a complaint with the Department of Community Affairs this morning. These actions denied us the access to information that we are guaranteed by the State.

Please, take the time to file reports of your own. The more people that report to them, the more seriously they will take this. For your convenience, I have included links to the appropriate online forms:

New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office:

Department of Community Affairs:

These forms are pretty basic. They ask for your name and address, as well as an explanation of what’s going on. My submission looked pretty similar to the first paragraph of this post. I have also been making a point of including video links in ever report that I submit. Please feel free to use any of the videos or other information that we’ve put together here on this site as links/references to any such reports.

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