Woodlynne Borough Council Meeting 02/11/2021

Below is our recording of the Council Meeting held this past Thursday.

I would just like to take a moment to point out that we are once again being gaslit by our Mayor. Anytime *anyone* brings up the parking spot in front of the laundromat, he is very quick to point out that there is “no problem” at this intersection, in spite of the fact that I keep asking specifically about pedestrian traffic, which he only said after he gave us a line about how according to our zoning maps there shouldn’t be any parking on this street at all, and that it wouldn’t be fair to focus on specific parts of that roadway. Please note that this did not stop him from illegally stealing the spots in front of our house with Ordinance 2020-2 (which was illegal because this Ordinance had no valid introduction, given that the meeting that the introduction was to take place failed OPMA compliance), you know, back when their own engineer told them that this parking spot is a sight-line problem. Make no mistake, there is absolutely a reason why that parking spot still exists, and no amount of their “looking into it” is going to change the fact that it is likely there to stay.

Full meeting agenda

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