Woodlynne Borough Council Meeting 12/09/2021

Below is a recording of the Woodlynne Borough Council Meeting held on December 9th, 2021 via Zoom.

Full meeting agenda

Here are a few of the important bits:

  • Santa will be going around on the fire truck next Friday (12/17/21) around 6PM.
  • Leaf collection will continue through the end of the month.
  • There will be a free COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the school on Monday 12/13/21 from 3PM until 8PM. A second clinic will follow on Monday 1/3/22 between the same times.
  • Ordinance 2021-12 “AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE SALARIES OF CERTAIN EMPLOYEES OF THE BOROUGH OF WOODLYNNE” had two members of Council abstain, as they should given the employment of their spouses. It would seem that the charges brought to light in Mr. Paff’s article have finally made them a little more cautious, despite insistence from the Mayor, Councilman Fuentes, and the solicitor that no such notice was received by any of them.
  • Mayor Chukueke apparently thinks that he’s God or something. After yet another gaslighting attempt on Ms. Jankowski regarding the yellow lines painted at the corners being much shorter on the eastern side of town than on the western side, she also mentioned the intersection of Parker and Woodlynne where the parking spot in front of laundromat is illegally close to the crosswalk. The Mayor’s response was to tell her to call the police, like he does, when he sees someone painted in the yellow. I had originally intended to remain silent and just record the meeting as I was (and still am) feeling under the weather, but that statement could not stand. I pointed out that the spot in question was originally painted into the yellow and that after being brought to their attention, their response was to paint the curb white:
Before (02/2020) & After (10/2021 – Taken by Kelly Jankowski and posted to the Woodlynne Residents United Facebook group

As anyone can see from the first photo, cars parked in this spot make it incredibly difficult for pedestrians AND vehicle traffic to see each other. I pointed out that Ms. Jankowski was absolutely correct in that they allow this to happen. I urged him to do the right thing when he sends someone out to check these intersections like he said he was going to do. His response: “Nobody’s gonna die. Nobody’s gonna get hit. So shall it be.” Not even Council President Earley could keep a straight face after that. He later goes on to say that the Mayor and Council represent the authority here, and somehow because of that no one is going to die. And then he proclaimed it in Jesus’ name… “Nobody’s gonna die. Nobody’s gonna get hit by a car. We’re going to fix it.” I’ll believe that when I see it

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