1. I feel that if residents have questions no matter what meeting it is the Mayor should address all issues at all times. It is unprofessional to have a attitude because tax payers are asking questions containing to the city they reside it. Also, find it unprofessional for the mayor to comment “pay your taxes” if. You can’t perform the job duties don’t hold the position and part of addressing residents comes with being the mayor after all your salary is coming from the homeowners taxes

    1. Did he say that he wouldn’t answer any questions because it was the Workshop? As I recall, you asked about the handouts that went to Council, and he told you that those were the minutes from the last meeting, and that there aren’t usually handouts that go out to the public during the Workshops. There are abridged versions of the handouts that get passed to us during the regular meetings, indicating what they’re going to be voting on or introducing.
      Second, the “pay your taxes” comment must have come after the meeting ended, and would not have been entirely without cause, given that he is the deputy tax collector, and you’ve gone on the Facebook group and told everyone that you’re refusing to pay your taxes.

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