Woodlynne Joint Land Use Board Meeting 12/02/2020

As many of you are aware, there has been a push from residents to have Mayor and Council get around to the Master Plan Reexamination, which is almost five years overdue (by law). The Joint Land Use Board spent the last three months working with the Borough Engineer to get this document prepared and they approved it to be sent to Council this past Wednesday. This is a recording of those proceedings:

Please take note that when the hearing was opened for public discussion, a resident raised a concern about no one on the Board passing the statutorily required coursework and certification, meaning that no one on the Board (myself included) is actually qualified to take any action, hence my Abstain vote. The truly appalling thing about this, though, is the lawyer’s response, basically indicating that it doesn’t matter since the state won’t overturn what they voted on. Aside from the absolutely disgusting ethical concern, he misrepresented how the law is written. The law states that any votes that occurred prior to this lack of qualification was exposed won’t be invalidated. It does *not* say that the same holds true for votes taken *after* learning this, and it in no way implies that the State is alright with unqualified people making decisions. He also essentially dismissed any discussion of this topic out of hand.

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